Our Initiatives

DCLK will continue to update progress on our initiatives and add new impact projects.


Influencing girls and women to join ICT

To encourage more girls into stem learning and ICT careers and the girls to better understand the industry and its progressive and empowering environment. ICT industry is the fastest growing industry in Sri Lanka and there is a national requirement to increase the numbers in ICT workforce. Therefore, improving women participation is a natural progress towards this target . 

DCLK efforts cover:

1. Awareness about the ICT industry and its opportunities.

2. Networking opportunity for ICT teachers with the Industry

3. Awareness among students about the higher education options that will help them into  ICT career.

5. Solutions to bridge  the knowledge gaps on ICT career opportunities and success factors.

Why ICT industry is as much a women’s world as mens.

With the approval of Ministry of Education  and the Thakshe marketing collateral  supported by  ADB and PWC, DCLK have successfully conducted  programs for teachers and students in Mathugama Zone. Started the same plan in  Hambantota and Nuwaraeliya districts before COVID issues stalled the progress..


YouLead and Diversity Collective Lanka have entered into a MOU to  work  together on empowering ICT teachers and students  across Sri Lanka. The two parties committed to providing industry knowledge and exposure in order to pave a path and promote the ICT sector to young Sri Lankans, especially women and girls.

The inaugural session of ICT Teacher Forums by Diversity Collective Lanka (DCLK) and YouLead was held at Shangri-La’s Hambantota Golf Resort & Spa on 02nd November 2019. Nearly 50 teachers from schools in the Hambantota district took part. Objective is to attract more girls and women into the ICT sector.


DCLK public webinar series

Free introduction Webinars introducing different aspects of Diversity and Inclusion which also showcase speakers and trainers that companies can use for awareness and training. We have webinars quarterly on new topics and varying speakers. 


Entire Webinar Series can be found on the DCLK YouTube channel



Creating an income through social media

Sri Lanka has only very handful of Women Tech entrepreneurs. DCLK supports more women who need tech support to scale up their startups. 

Entrepreneurship pillar is focusing partnering with existing entrepreneurship programs to showcase and scale  women lead tech startups to enhance the opportunities for women and to encourage more gender equality in tech industry. Further, to support the women entrepreneurs to be tech enabled.

One such program was YouTube A-Z Workshop Series that was launched  by DCLK focused on enhancing the interest of women to become a youtuber or a vlogger and show success stories of women who monetized that to set the examples. The series started with an inspirational workshop which we call as TEASER which is meant to be a hype creation attempt of the segment.Plus, the event was to set a comfortable ground for the enthusiasts to learn, This was a joint event with ICTA and was sponsored by Pearson Lanka.


Introducing D&I and wellbeing to higher education students  

Engaging with students in higher education so that they are more aware of diversity and inclusion and how they can navigate better when making career choices. The aim is to enable students early in their careers so that they exhibit inclusive behaviour and strive to join and contribute to inclusion in how they make decisions and support others. We also offer options to join as a student member so that they can be mentored by career leaders. DCLK has an ongoing program to have sessions targeted for students across Sri Lanka.


























Thousand voices on Diversity

Diversity Collective Lanka (DCLK) proudly launched its campaign of Thousand voices called #AspireToInspire in September 2020 via our YouTube Channel.



The campaign was to share everyday stories from all walks of life. Success is not defined by Gender, Race, Religion, Age or a Sexual orientation. The campaign was to promote and share real stories of people celebrating diversity and success both personally and professionally that would resonate and inspire others to do the same and embrace the diverse culture we live in.